TA Training Foundations (12 Weeks) T408b

Salimpour Teaching Assistant Training: Salimpour Foundations Course 

T408b  :  12 weeks  :  30 CECs

The Salimpour Teaching Assistant (TA) Training course (400 Level) allows you to work online with Suhaila directly to reinforce the understanding, breakdown, and explanation of Foundations 1 and 2, as well as the differences between Fundamental and Foundation technique. In this course, you begin working on teaching material for Fundamentals 1 and 2 (S1 and J1)  and Foundations 1 and 2 (S2 and J2).  Weekly assignments include questions, written work, and anatomy exercises as well as video submissions that focus on breakdowns, explanations, and combinations. Suhaila will guide you through the course with personal feedback on assignments via email, audio, and/or video.


  • Current Foundations 1 Certification (SL2).
  • Current Foundations 2 Certification (JL2).
  • Approved completion of T308b (TA Fundamentals).
  • Other items as noted in the page, Salimpour Certification 400, link below. 

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