Suhaila Instructional Series DVDs

Repackaged in 2009, this four volume DVD set incudes some of Suhaila's exquisite choreography and format training. The set includes: Beginning Choreography, Intermediate Choreography, Advanced Choreography and Stretch & Tone.

For the three choreographies, Suhaila interprets the music and breaks down each dance movement to demonstrate every detail from basic footwork, hip work, arm movements and timing. Technique explanations and tips are provided throughout. Suhaila also demonstrates each choreography in a performance setting. Running time for each choreography lesson is approx. 60 minutes. Music for the three choreographies can be found in iTunes on the Nagwa Fouad Princess of Cairo CD.

•Beginning Choreography: Track 11 (Sea of Alexandria)

•Intermediate Choreography: Tracks 1-2 (Entrance of the Princess/Nagwa Music)

•Advanced Choreography: Track 16 (Tabla Solo)

Stretch and Tone features a 20 minute conditioning workout that allows you to reshape your body and improve your dancing skills. The unique exercises will help you isolate your gluteus muscles for hip work; strengthen abdominal & back muscles used in undulations; balance your body by toning muscle groups simultaneously; and practice correct form and movement to use throughout your life. This DVD provides an earlier variation of Suhaila's classic warm-up; the workout clothing styles may have changed, but this workout is still challenging. Running time approx. 35 minutes.

All the above material was previously originally released separately on VHS (and then DVD) under the same titles.

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