Pre- and Post- Workshop Choreography Clean-up Classes

To help you prepare for the weeklong we are now offering choreography clean-up classes on the Sundays before the workshop begins (and occasionally on the Saturday after the workshop ends).
  • Choreography clean-ups are for students who have already learned the choreography previously and want to get feedback and clarification.  (These clean-ups are not for students who are first learning the choreography.) 
  • These workshops are considered part of the workshops, although optional.  Anyone attending the related workshop can attend for free, but we need you to RSVP below as class size is limited.
  • Each choreography clean-up is two hours, and each clean-up is considered a single class or 1 CEC.  
  • Anyone who wants to attend a clean-up but is not registered for the related workshop can pay $20 

    JL2 Weeklong, July/August 2018

    • Tues, July 31, 2018:  Jamila Format (El Samer)
    • Wed, Aug 1, 2018:  Jamila Format (Shams El Shamouseh) 


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