Online Classes: Certification Choreography

Certification choreography instruction available by streaming video through the Salimpour Schoo Online website. Play, pause, and rewind as often as you like.  For content descriptions, visit the Online Class website; for some of these, you must be logged in to your online class account and have the necessary certification level prerequisites in order to view the choreography details.  

Certification program members can access these choreographies from their free accounts at the website in the PPV section.  Once logged in, you will have access to purchase certification choreographies directly from the online class website based on your current certification status, and you can purchase subscriptions directly from the new online class website after you are logged in.  

The choreographies are also below.  Each has a required certification level for access which will be checked prior to fulfillment of the subscription.  Upon payment, a Customer Service Representative will manually create an Online Classes account for you (or add your selection to your existing online class account).  You will be emailed within the next two business days with instructions on how to access your subscription.  All choreographies below are available in 30 day increments.

  • Suhaila Level 2 Finger Cymbal Drum Solo (require SL1 certification) $24.99
  • Suhaila Level 3 Finger Cymbal Drum Solo (requires SL2 certification) $24.99
  • Suhaila Level 3 Maddah Al Amar (requires SL2 certification) $24.99
  • Suhaila Level 4 Nebteti Mnein El Hikeiya (requires SL2 certification) $24.99
  • Suhaila Level 4 Accessible Drum Solo (requires SL2 certification) $24.99
  • Suhaila Level 4 Bongo Funk (requires SL2 certification) $24.99
  • Suhaila Level 4 Yanna Yanna (requires SL2 certification) $24.99
  • Jamila Level 4 Hayati (requires JL2 certification) $24.99

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