Jamila Level 2 Four-Day Workshop

For students continuing their study of the Jamila Salimpour belly dance format.  Current Jamila Level 1 certification is required to attend, and students are strongly encouraged to have a strong working knowledge of Suhaila Level 1 material.

    July 20-23 (tenative), Summer 2020, Oakland , Oakland

    • Schedule:  Day 1-3 (9a-5p), Day 4 (9a-1:30p), testing Day 4 (2:30p-5p).
    • Location: Mills College: Haas Pavilion
      5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94613 
    • To reserve: 1st tuition deposit due by May 1, 2020; balance due by June 30, 2020.


    • Optional Jamila Level 2 certification testing is available for additional fee of $250.  Test sections will be distributed throughout the week, so testers will need to arrive with an intent to test on Day 1 of the workshop.
    • Testing fees are paid for a specific testing date and not refundable/transferable.
    • Please review the required elelements for testing on main website.

      Learning Tools

      • Jamila Format classes in Online Classes
      • Jamila Archive Series DVDs Volumes 1-4
      • New Danse Orientale manual
      • Cymbal Jams:  Audio Tutorials for Finger Cymbals
      • Playing Finger Cymbals with Jamila instructional album
      • Jamila Salimpour speech presented at ICMED, May 1997 
      • Jamila Salimpour article, "From Many Tribes: The Origin of Bal Anat"
      • Jamila's Article Book

      Important Notices

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