Drawstring Scrunchy Pants

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Here they are -- the incredibly versatile drawstring pants. Suhaila designed these pants so you can be comfortable, look good and move -- all at the same time. You can pull the drawstrings on the sides of the hips to draw up the overskirt for a more fitted look . . . or you can relax the drawstings so the overskirt hangs down. Again, you can leave the leg loose for a boot cut look -- or you can pull the drawstrings to lift the pant leg. We find that we get a lot of repeat customers for these pants because they wear well, can be machine washed/dried, and are so versatile.   

Always available in black.  Special and seasonal colors are available in small groups throughout the year, and exact colors are rarely repeated.

Four sizes: S 2-4; M 6-8; L 10-12; XL 12-16.

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