Bal Anat Remix Album

Bal Anat -- The Remix: Old School Belly Dance With a New Sound. The Bal Anat music from the original tribal dance troupe. . . remixed by Manko Eponymous! Read more about the inspirations for this album at the Suhaila International blog:

Manko Eponymous is a poet, musician & bard based in DC (Dance City!), and he’d rather be a rumor than a lie. He dedicates this, his seventh solo cd, to Cera, Stacy, all the DC Tribalistas and of course Kaihea, always. Purrs & thanks also to Maduro and to Priya Chittur for her vocals on Karshlama & Zanya. Please dance to this.

1. Processional (Cats & Caterpillars Remix) 2:49
2. Mask (Rusty Metal Remix) 3:20
3. Karshlama (Days of Braces & Acid Remix) 4:04
4. Zanya (La Giacanya Remix) 4:02
5. Gawazi (Dirty Funky Remix) 3:43
6. Moroccan (Atlas Shrugged Remix) 3:46
7. Pot Dance (Sr. Eponymous' Barrio Remix) 3:34
8. Algerian (Camels & Camus Remix) 3:22
9. Cane (Balkanat Skariel Remix) 3:41
10. Turkish (Glassy Delight Remix) 3:34
11. Sword (Double-Edged Variax Remix) 4:44
12. Tunisian (Barbary Corsairs Remix) 3:44
13. Village (Eastern Market Remix) 3:59
14. Tray (Chamber of Sid Remix) 3:16
15. Finale (Peregrines & Pigeons Remix) 7:27


Sample Audio

1. Processional (Cats & Caterpillars Remix)
2. Mask (Rusty Metal Remix)
3. Karshlama (Days of Braces & Acid Remix)
4. Zanya (La Giacanya Remix)
5. Gawazi (Dirty Funky Remix)
6. Moroccan (Atlas Shrugged Remix)
7. Pot Dance (Sr. Eponymous' Barrio Remix)
8. Algerian (Camels & Camus Remix)
9. Cane (Balkanat Skariel Remix)
10. Turkish (Glassy Delight Remix)
11. Sword (Double-Edged Variax Remix)
12. Tunisian (Barbary Corsairs Remix)
13. Village (Eastern Market Remix)
14. Tray (Chamber of Sid Remix)
15. Finale (Peregrines & Pigeons Remix)



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