Suhaila Friends & Family Discount (S1): Intro to Suhaila Salimpour Format (6wk) S101a

S101a - Salimpour Fundamentals 1:  Introduction to Suhaila Salimpour Format


Our 6 week online sessions are a perfect opportunity for long distance dancers to experience Salimpour Level 1 curriculum as taught in Suhaila's workshops, from the convenience of home. Through your online class account, you will receive weekly course videos and assignments, documentary videos, interactive questions, and reading material. A personal instructor will guide you and be available to you during the entire session, offering direction, answering questions, giving explanations, examples, and feedback, and motivating you along the way! At the end of the session, you will have the option to test for certification. The testing process includes two parts: an online written test and a practical exam (submitted via video for evaluation). The testing phase requires an additional fee; click here for online course certification testing fee.  

Advanced Preparation and Prerequisites:

  • SL1:  A minimum of three different classes of each of the following topics:  Suhaila Format (Singles, 3/4s, Pelvic Locks, Squares, Circles, Vertical Figure 8s, Horizontal Figure 8s, Twists).
  • JL1:  A minimum of three complete Level 1 Step Family series/classes for each Step Family.  Jamila Format Step Families (Basic Egyptian, Arabic, Running Choo-Choo, Shimmy, Salaam, Taqsim, Spins, Head Movements)
  • Cymbal Jams download patterns for L1 (listed above in the drop down)
  • Finger cymbals
  • For the JL1 module, you must have a SL1 certification to sign up
  • All books & training tools are purchased separately from the course.

Tuition Due Dates:

  • Total tuition is due by August 1st for Fall, January 15th for Spring, and April 15th for Summer.

Important Notices

Fundamentals 1 and 2

  • S101a:  Fundamentals 1:  Introduction to Suhaila Salimpour Format.  Learn more here.
  • S102a:  Fundamentals 2:  Introduction to Jamila Salimpour Vocabulary.  Learn more here.

Important Notices & Tuition Due Dates

By purchasing an Institute Course, you agree that you have read and acknowledge the Institute policies including, but not limited to, those policies related to payment, transfers, homework, and exams.

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