Amy Sigil 2-Day (Sigil Method)

  • On Sat/Sun (June 17-18, 2023), Suhaila will feature a special workshop guest:  Amy Sigil featuring Sigil Method.

  • Sigil Method is a way to organize movers in space, giving opportunities for dancers to both lead and follow. With these formations dancers focus on spatial awareness and teamwork. An exhilarating opportunity for movement expression, energy exchange and space awareness. These 2 days we will be exploring the excitement of Sigil Method group improvisation using Salimpour Vocabulary.

  • Amy Sigil is a fusion movement artist and coach from Northern California. Owner of Sigil School, creator of Improv Team Sync and the Sigil Method.  As a former athlete turned dancer, Sigil has a unique desire to bring people together as a team through movement and spirit.


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