Performance 2 (J4): Technique Test & Choreo Prep (12 wks) S402d

Salimpour Performance 2: Technique Testing and Salimpour Choreography Presentation Preparation Course (J4 Gauntlet Prep) 

S402d  :  12 Weeks  :  40 CECs

Salimpour Performance 2: Technique Test and Choreography Preparation is a hybrid course, containing both testing and preparation elements. Weekly assignments include video submissions that focus on advanced technique and layering, which will prove your command of the material. Suhaila will also guide you through the final crafting of your Gauntlet performance. You also will demonstrate readiness for your Salimpour Performance 2:  Choreography Presentation (Gauntlet) by submitting the required Performance 2 (J4) choreographies for approval (“sign-off”). 

Tuition Due Dates:

  • Total tuition is due by August 1st for Fall and January 1st for Spring.
  • If the tuition is not paid in full by the due date, a late fee of $200 will apply to your total tuition amount.

To take the Salimpour Performance 2: Technique Test and Choreography Preparation course, students must have:

  • Current Performance 1 Certification (SL4).
  • Current Intermediate 2 Certification (JL3).
  • Other items as noted in the page, Salimpour Certification 400, link below.

Students can find more information about Course Details, Preparation, Prerequisites, and Expectations for this course here.

Important Notices

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