Finger Cymbals

Our signature finger cymbals are available for purchase at Turquoise International

  • Click here for Isabella Cymbals $59.00

  • Click here for Suhaila Cymbals $69.00

  • Click here for Jamila Cymbals $79.00

  • Click here for Three Cymbal Set Combo $180.00

There are three choices of cymbals, made exclusively for Suhaila by Turquoise International.

Suhaila's Signature Cymbals are heavy duty, but lighter than your typical size C (3" diameter), with a wonderful rich sound.


Suhaila Cymbals

1. Sample 1
2. Sample 2


Jamila's Cymbals are the largest (4" diameter) in the group with a lower tone.


Jamila Cymbals

1. Sample 1
2. Sample 2


Isabella's Cymbals are a size B cymbal (2.5" diameter), perfect for smaller hands and children. But these are still a professional cymbal with a brighter tone.


Isabella Cymbals

1. Sample 1
2. Sample 2


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