Bal Anat Sign-Off

The Main 6 week sign-off window is required for all performers and includes:

  • 1 thru 8 feedback & sign-off
  • Back line cymbals feedback & sign-off

All additional Bal Anat choreo/acts feedback and sign-off will be purchased in addition to the the 6 week sign-off window.  This means if you are in of the choreo/act besides what is listed above, you will purchase that sign-off fee in addition to this main 6 week sign-off window.  All dancers are responsible for purchasing their own PPV instructional chroeography video for each dance.

The Backline Only 8 week sign-off window is required for all additional Backline performers and includes:

  • Back line cymbals feedback & sign-off with 3 takes
  • Make-Up feedback & sign-off with 2 takes
  • Costume feedback & sign-off with 2 takes