Drill Breaks Suhaila Level 1 Audio Downloads

You will drill movements layered with various foot patterns. Once you've mastered the material, reuse the Drill Break by simply switching the downbeats of the singles or the foot patterns. . . or add finger cymbals.

Students are expected to have an understanding of Suhaila’s Level 1 format including timing, glute singles, and foot patterns. Download this Audio Training Tool, add your own warm-up and cool down. . . and you'll be ready to drill whenever and wherever you want.

For most of these Drill Breaks, you will achieve the best results if you have sufficient space to walk in laps; however, the Drill can still be done by marking the footwork in place.


  • Glute Singles (18:11)
  • Three Quarters (16:06)
  • Pelvic Locks (17:10)
  • Interior Hip Squares (14:06)
  • Interior Hip Circles (13:28)
  • Exterior Hip Circles (12:20)
  • Figure Eights B-F, F-B (13:02)
  • Figure Eights U-D, D-U (12:44)
  • Twists (13:00)
  • Upper Body (14:45)
  • Half Exterior Hip Circles (14:35)
  • Finger Cymbals (15:06)

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